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The first issue of Lightstream will appear as an insert inside the June 2005 issue of Magical Blend Magazine. Future issues will stand alone!!

An 8.5 x 11 high-gloss color publication, featuring an interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard, a futurist who has high hopes for humanity; an article by author Mary Carroll Nelson entitled "The Art of the Crop Circle;" an interview with Lydia Ruyle, artist/teacher, author of Goddess Icons, Spirit Banners of the Divine Feminine;

"Our Future is Hydrogen," an article by Dr. Robert Siblerud, environmental physiologist, author, and former optometrist.

Regular columns include: Dolphinville, by Douglas Webster, advocate of a Cetacean Nation; Masculinity, by Steven Keeler, MFT; Miracles, by Jacquelyn Aldana, author of "The 15 Minute Miracle Revealed" and the "Miracle Manifestation Manual"; Yoga Renewal, by Annalisa Cunningham, author and teacher.

LIGHTSTREAM will include a section about Hawaii in every issue.

Video Views, Galactic Gleams, On The Edge, Dreamfinders, and eventually an Astrology column will also be included. REVIEWS of books, music, games, and divination tools will appear in each issue.

LIGHTSTREAM will feature selected advertisers of inspiring products and beneficial services.

LIGHTSTREAM is a publication by John Osborne, Ph.D. He is a professor of English, Film, & Humanities, a contributing editor to Magical Blend Magazine, and a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies.

If it resonates with you, LIGHTSTREAM is open to financial contributions and donations to help make this dream happen.

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You can subscribe to the next four issues for $25.00 - 35€ or 30 £ (because of postage to Europe, Japan, and Australia)

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