Barbara Marx Hubbard is a visionary of our time. Author, diplomat, and futurist, she is initiating social change along with spiritual evolution. She is committed to community and the emerging social potential movement. Her Foundation for Conscious Evolution and Gateway to Conscious Evolution Program herald an opportunity for positive change worldwide.


Excerpt of Barbara's words from article:

"That combination of something pressing in you, and the feeling that the world is in need, starts to activate what I think of as a deeper inner guidance, a deeper impulse that will press you out of your comfortable zone, wherever you may be.

"It will press you out of just taking business as usual into, "I've got to do something more. I have a deeper purpose. There's something more occurring here!" And when that comes forth as motivation to express, create, and participate in healing and evolving the world, it is an actual personal experience of the evolutionary impulse!

"It also comes forth as the feeling that internally, you have more to do and be than you are doing. It is a combination of the serious inner need to find and express your deep life purpose with the sense that somehow you're needed in the world.

"Quite often we don't know how to serve because usually it's not the old labels. It's not doctor, lawyer and Indian chief. Nobody wants to hire you. There is no job description for pioneers who are drawn to... really, you might say, to saving the world. And so, those of us who feel that inner impulse say, "Yes, okay. I'm going to do what I can, I'm going to reach out, I'm going to read the books, I'm going to go to the conferences, I'm going to write the letters..." And if you're really working at it, you will invariably find some others who share your passion. You begin to experience what I call vocational arousal. You'll get turned on, and that's the key to making it all work."

— Barbara Marx Hubbard (from interview with John Osborne)

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