Dr. Robert Siblerud, author of the New Science books (www.newsciencebooks.com) including, Our Future Is Hydrogen, is past director of the International Association for New Science (IANS). IANS has sponsored numerous conferences and publications on new paradigms in science which are based largely on quantum physics and holographic science to help explain the world of spirit and the mind body connection.

Dr. Siblerud is an environmental physiologist and former optometrist.

HYDRO-CHEM Hydrogen Plant

Excerpt from article:


By Dr. Robert Siblerud

"Wouldn't it be great to have a solution to our dependence on the Middle East, a solution for air pollution and global warming, and a solution for dwindling fossil fuels? Surprisingly, there is one. It rests in the smallest atom of the universe: hydrogen. Some scientists are calling hydrogen the perfect fuel because the only by-product is water, pure enough to drink. Hydrogen is plentiful, non-polluting, and it is an excellent energy carrier. The versatility of hydrogen makes it an excellent candidate for a universal fuel."

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