Lydia Ruyle is an artist /scholar who has been pursuing Goddess research for several decades with her mind, body and spirit. As an artist, she creates icons, sacred images of the divine feminine from the many cultures of the world. Since1995, the icons have become spirit banners which fly around the globe weaving the sacred energies of the divine feminine. The Goddesses now number in the hundreds. Goddess Banner image, ©Lydia Ruyle

Excerpt of Lydia's words from her interview with John Osborne:

"As a woman, an artist and a university teacher, I became aware of the lack of women artists, images of women and women's stories in the art history books. Along with many other women, I went on a journey of discovery to find the images and stories. I worked with Judy Chicago on the Birth Project. I have degrees in political science and economics and much life experience in those fields. As the years rolled by, I recognized changing political and economic views had its limitations without first connecting to the cultural beliefs and myths about women. That led me to the Goddess in 1985. "Better Homes & Goddesses" was the title of a dozen exhibitions between 1985-1995. Then the banners began telling Her story.
. . .

"The Ancient Mothers called me to find and tell Her story. I hope the banners are helping to explore her cultural images and stories over thousands of millennia. They fly in museums, galleries, libraries and festivals, conferences, golf courses and a women's prison. My book is the account of the banners with words and images, which spreads the story to those who don't actually see the banners in situ. "

— Lydia Ruyle (interviewed by John Osborne)

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